Evolution may not exist in the eyes of many, however this page is changing fast. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and improv comedy knowhow we have added social media hootzpah and true real time customer centered mega-taco fabulousosity. More to come. But you won’t find any “to be […]

Web Page Continues Rapid Mutation

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Greetings! Let me introduce myself, for those who don’t know me my name is Andrew Hopps. Originally from Quebec, I moved to Toronto and studied with the Second City. I now reside in Hamilton and have been working/studying with Staircase Improv for almost two years now! My hopes and dreams […]

Staircase Improv…   Recently updated !

Well was created in 2007. It has spent most of its life sitting around. Occasionally being buffed, fixed, twiddled. I am now working under the direction of both an artistic director and a publicity manager. Expect some changes!

Page Updating Again

Workshops continue on Mondays at 7pm and 8:30pm. We have quite a few shows coming up this spring as well. Wed March 26th is International Improviser Appreciation Day. 8pm $8 in the theatre. April 18th we are having a Ladies of Improv show. And on Mother’s day in May there […]

Workshops and Shows for 2014

Put the brakes on improv for another year. 2013 was one of our busiest teaching years ever. Thanks to all the teachers, students, and supporters for making 2013 another faboo year of improv. Classes will restart in 2014 (2 years after the supposed end of the world). Boot Camp will […]

End Of Year Brake!!

Santa Survivor is an irreverent combination of Christmas commercialism and Survivor reality TV show. Watch elves fight for immunity trying to keep their place at Santa’s side in the North Pole. Only one Elf will join Santa on the slay behind all that venison on Christmas Eve. Kris Kringle will […]

Santa Survivor 2013