Dan Kollek


Blessed with the greatest tenor voice since Pavarotti, Daniel has been thrilling audiences for years with his acapella solo rendition of Wagner’s ring trilogy. He continues to develop this skill despite multiple successful prosecutions for disturbing the peace after hours. Of his singing Pravda said “пожалуйста, заставить его остановиться” (please make him stop) while the Asahi Shimbun opined “彼は今、停止してください!” (please make him stop NOW!). Looking for a different field in which he would be more appreciated he trained with Second City and in his professional life he improvises for fun (at the Staircase Theatre) and for profit (in the Emergency Department). Before Medicine and Improv he was an infantry officer and trained to do all the stuff you see in the movies (but he did it better). He has just recently published his first book “Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare Facilities” (www.amazon.ca/Disaster-Preparedness-Health-Care-Facilities/dp/160795169X), a rollicking tale of coping with Armageddon. He is blessed with two brilliant and stunningly good looking adult children who will need to coordinate their schedules so that he can be there to see them accept both their Nobel Prizes and their Academy Awards. In his copious free time he is researching methods to make puppies smell like hamburgers so as to protect them from blind vegetarians.