Hey Staircase Improv Peeps here is a funtastic improv experience being put on by our improv ¬†buddies in Guelph. Campfires. Canoes. Improv. Welcome to our beautiful improv getaway located just outside of Parry Sound, ON. Here we provide the food, cottage accommodations and improv classes while you have the greatest […]

Use Your Outside Voice

Everything needs some maintenance. Tonight I removed thousands of “fake users” unlike fake news fake users keep trying to change their passwords and get access to admin levels on the site. No more users allowed unless passed by myself, Kelly or our phenomenal Artistic Director Andrew.

Web Site Clean Up

Join former artistic director of Staircase Improv and inactive author of the web site for a one day intensive in improv comedy theatre. Hugh will focus on using goals to achieve improv comedy scenes. More after the poster. Improvising Goals Through Laughter Date: Saturday Feb 4th 9am-4pm Location: 25 […]

Weekend Intensive Feb 4th 2017

Evolution may not exist in the eyes of many, however this page is changing fast. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and improv comedy knowhow we have added social media hootzpah and true real time customer centered mega-taco fabulousosity. More to come. But you won’t find any “to be […]

Web Page Continues Rapid Mutation

Well was created in 2007. It has spent most of its life sitting around. Occasionally being buffed, fixed, twiddled. I am now working under the direction of both an artistic director and a publicity manager. Expect some changes!

Page Updating Again