Welcome to Staircase Improv.

Staircase Improv has been stepping up for improv comedy for the entire millennium. We focus on teaching everyone the fundamentals of improv comedy. Experienced teachers work from an online curriculum to improve listening, creating characters and collaborating on stories. Most of all we have fun along the way!

A Little Light Workshop

Want to learn how to improvise lighting for improv comedy scenes? Want get used to having the lights go up and own on your scenes?

The little light workshops will focus on how to used the various lighting decks available to Staircase Improvisers. Only two Wednesdays in a row every participant will get an introduction to scene lighting, mood lighting, light safety, and possibly sound improvising if time permits.

To properly learn the lights there will be loads of real scenes to light up. So if you aren’t on the lighting board you are on the improv boards.

Your instructors are Hugh and Kelly.

Wednesday the 14th and 21st of June at 7pm (plus Jam on the 28th)
Elaine May Theatre (the building with the bird)

chickenz in a line

Monday Open Improv Class

Come as you are one off workshop established in 1998.
Mondays at 7pm
Elaine May Theatre (the building with the bird)

Monthly Improv Jam

Audience and performers are welcome in this hosted unclass of fun.
Last Wednesday of the month at 7pm
April Jam is on Wed April 26th

Staircase Studio Theatre, Hamilton

Bespoke Series

A bespoke series is where a self organizing group picks a time, duration, and instructor(s) that suits their needs. Pricing varies by number of participants and duration of the series. Pricing includes rental of the Elaine May Theatre and instructor fees. Contact Hugh directly to create your own bespoke workshop (mobilehugh@pm.me).

Free and Open Curriculum

Our curriculum includes teaching concepts game descriptions.
Available 247 world wide online at learnimprov.com.

Chicken images created by DALL-E with prompts from HM/KG.

Making it up in Hamilton since 1996.