Welcome to Staircase Improv.

Established at the turn of the millennium, Staircase Improv has been dedicatedly nurturing the art of improvisational comedy. Our mission is rooted in not just teaching, but instilling the essence of improv comedy into every eager learner. Our adept instructors utilize a robust online curriculum, meticulously crafted to enhance various skills – attentive listening, dynamic character creation, and seamless story collaboration.

Most importantly, we believe in embedding fun into the heart of learning. At Staircase Improv, we ensure an engaging, exhilarating experience that transcends the traditional classroom boundaries and culminates in a joy-filled exploration of the improv comedy world. Come, step up your game with us, and discover the infinite potential of your spontaneous creativity!


Get together with all levels of improvisers to make on the spot improv comedy scenes in a safe and supportive environment. Each improv jam is hosted by an experienced improviser that will ensure everyone has a blast. You can sit and watch, suggest ideas for scenes, or jump on stage. No pressure. The improv jam will occasionally have musical accompaniment to add ambience or musical song. Fun for all ages.

September 27th! YES this Wednesday

chickenz in a line

Monday Open Improv Class

Come as you are one off workshop established in 1998.
Mondays at 7pm
Elaine May Theatre (the building with the bird)

Bespoke Series

A bespoke series is where a self organizing group picks a time, duration, and instructor(s) that suits their needs. Pricing varies by number of participants and duration of the series. Pricing includes rental of the Elaine May Theatre and instructor fees. Contact Hugh directly to create your own bespoke workshop (mobilehugh@pm.me).

Free and Open Curriculum

Our curriculum includes teaching concepts game descriptions.
Available 247 world wide online at learnimprov.com.

Chicken images created by DALL-E with prompts from HM/KG.

Making it up in Hamilton since 1996.