Welcome to Staircase Improv.

Staircase Improv has been supplying improv comedy workshops, shows and online information for the entire millennium. We focus on teaching everyone the fundamentals of improv comedy. Experienced teachers work from an online curriculum to improve listening, creating characters and collaborating on stories. Most of all we have fun along the way!

In-person Classes

COVID Compliance Requirements

1) Social Distancing limits class size to 8.
2) Double Immunization required.
3) Mask required.
4) Symptom and exposure free.

Improv Comedy Class

In person improv comedy classes. NOT a DROP-IN.
Starting Monday 13-Sept at 7pm
Elain Mae Theatre Hamilton

Character Creation Mini Series

In person improv comedy series.
3 classes on Thursday Nov 4, 11, and 18 at 7pm $60

Sign up for this three part mini-series on creating improv comedy characters on the fly. The series will focus on each aspect of learnimprov.com‘s character triangle. The character triangle is a tool that improv performers use to create an instant character through movement, sounds and wants.

Online Classes

Online Improv Comedy Bubble

Every Wednesday at 7pm
A drop-in comedy class for all levels of experience.

Online Sketch Writing Bubble

Last Thursday of the month at 7 pm.
A drop-in sketch comedy writing class that uses improv comedy tools.

Staircase Improv Curriculum

Staircase Improv classes are based on the open-source approach and concepts found at learnimprov.com.

Making it up in Hamilton since 1996.