Next Level Classes Invading Sat-6-Nov

Improv: The Next Level is for improvisers who have Boot Camp experience who want to further develop their skills with the aim of appearing in shows, or for more experienced improvisers wishing to polish their improv foundations.

This workshop is scheduled on a semi-regular basis (usually monthly), and usually runs about 3 hours.  Each workshop will concentrate on the technical aspects of improvisational acting, with a focus on a single subject, such as character building, environment building, the use of handles and genres, stage combat, music in improv, or
other more advanced elements and skills that are critical for the development of the improvisational actor.

Class sizes are restricted to create the best learning experience. Instructors are some of the most experienced Staircase improvisers, each teaching to their particular strengths.

For more information, please contact, or consult the Staircase calendar, or the home page, for when the next workshop will take place.  We also have announcements on the Facebook Staircase Improv page.

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