Weekend Intensive Feb 4th 2017

Join former artistic director of Staircase Improv and inactive author of the web site learnimprov.com for a one day intensive in improv comedy theatre. Hugh will focus on using goals to achieve improv comedy scenes. More after the poster.

Improvising Goals Through Laughter
Date: Saturday Feb 4th 9am-4pm
Location: 25 Dundurn St North
Cost: $75 (all in)
Prerequisites: None
Course Description: This one day course will focus on using goals to create improv comedy scenes. Upon completion of this 6 hour class participants will have improved their ability to focus on goals, make comedy, and laugh. Wear comfortable clothing. Lunch break is from noon to 1pm. Lunch is NOT provided. Class size is limited to 12 people. Payment in advance is required.  Arrange payment by contacting info@staircase.org

Instructor: Hugh MacLeod has 25 years experience teaching improv comedy theatre, including university level training in performance education, family dynamics and event debriefing. He has created several real world improv comedy training programs, including Staircase Improv and the world famous website learnimprov.com. His improv teaching style involves creating a safe, supportive environment where accidental learning is fostered through laughter and fun.



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