Yes and Nose

Yes and NOSE: How to Borrow from Clown

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with Jody Boston

 For the improviser who is tired of talking from the head!

 This workshop will borrow from Clown techniques to help you access a more physical style of improv.  You will grow your capacity to communicate in a language beyond wordiness while developing a multi-layered style of listening. Practice being one with your ensemble by resonating in rhythm together. Follow your true instinctual drive to play and have fun.

 Jody Boston is a Community Artist and Arts Educator. Boston is a classically trained Actor, an Improviser and is currently training to become a Therapeutic Clown. When not teaching, facilitating or performing you can find her laughing with her family, sweating through some kind of physical exercise, singing and enjoying Hamilton’s local cuisine… sometimes all at the same time.

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