An Announcement From Your Executive Director

Staircase Improv’s community possesses a tremendous collaborative spirit. This is our “special sauce”. I am challenging myself and the rest of the Executive to create a reality where everyone’s voices have a chance to be heard and respected.

The dedication of previous executives (Hugh, Kelly, Andrew H to name a few) has the proverbial needle moving in the right direction. We must seize the opportunity that this momentum provides and proceed with changes that the extra bandwidth of our expanded leadership allows us to make.

Change is here.

There have always been a lot of questions around Tuesday nights: What is Master Class? How do I get in? Am I ready for the next level? All valid, and all heard loud and clear up, down, and across the organization.

This Tuesday, June 4 will mark a new beginning. We invite all levels of the Staircase community to join us at 7 p.m. in the Elaine Mae Theatre for a Farewell Pay-What-You-Can Jam night as we bid adieu to the current iteration of Master Class on Tuesday nights.

While this was not the easiest decision, we feel it was the right one. We are taking time to craft the replacement for Master Class; one that takes heed of your feedback, and one that enables greater progression in our community. Stay tuned later this summer for announcements about “Tuesday Labs” where we will be doing trial runs of one or more formats in preparation for a formal relaunch this fall.

Sean, Adriana, Scott, Sameera, the Inclusivity Squad, and I are here, we are listening, and we are doing.

Yours in Improv and beyond,

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