Established at the turn of the millennium, Staircase Improv has been dedicated to nurturing the art of improvisational comedy. Our mission is rooted in not just teaching, but instilling the essence of improv comedy into every eager learner. Our adept instructors utilize a robust online curriculum, meticulously crafted to enhance improv skills – attentive listening, dynamic character creation, and seamless story collaboration.

Most importantly, we believe in embedding fun into the heart of learning. At Staircase Improv, we ensure an engaging, exhilarating experience that transcends the traditional classroom boundaries and culminates in a joy-filled exploration of the improv comedy world. Come, step up your game with us, and discover the infinite potential of your spontaneous creativity!

Staircase Improv is closely connected to The Staircase. Check out the awesome events on their calendar.

Staircase Improv is a highly respected regional comedy improvisation theatre and training centre. We believe that comedy improv training should be available to the community and all artists regardless of experience.

Staircase improv is a community-run organization, and we welcome humans to join as volunteers or even take a position on one of our teams.


Staircase Improv is a place of empowerment where one’s needs and boundaries are heard and respected. We play on stage in a manner where no one should feel unsafe. If, at any time, anyone feels uncomfortable with a scene or situation that they know, they can stop it immediately with or without further discussion at their discretion.



Staircase improv is entirely funded by workshop fees and ticket sales. There are no government, corporate or religious funding sources for this grass roots community. At present we are solvent and avoiding said creative encumbrances.



  • Adriana Alfano
  • Bill Dunphy
  • Hugh MacLeod
  • Jerry Schaefer
  • Kathy Garneau
  • Kelly Kerr
  • Lauren Charman
  • Paul Lewelt
  • Betsy Dee
  • Andrew Hopps
  • Susan Carroll

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