Staircase Improv is a highly respected regional comedy improvisation theatre and training centre. We believe that comedy improv training should be available to the community and all artists with no previous experience.

Staircase improv is a community-run organization, and we welcome humans to join as volunteers or even take a position in one of our teams.



Staircase Improv is a place of empowerment where one’s needs and boundaries are heard and respected. We play on stage in a manner where no one should feel unsafe. If, at any time, anyone feels uncomfortable with a scene or situation that they know, they can stop it immediately with or without further discussion at their discretion.



  • Adriana Alfano
  • Allison Rayner
  • Bill Dunphy
  • Brenda Lennie
  • Hugh MacLeod
  • Julie Vohra
  • Kelly Kerr
  • Lauren Charman
  • Matthew Belanger

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25 Dundurn St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 3C9, Canada

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None at this time.

Making it up in Hamilton since 1996.