Staircase Improv Executive 2019

Thanks to everyone that volunteered and/or was nominated for this year’s Staircase Executive. The term for the current volunteer roles ends in April 2020.

Executive Director – Andrew Whitney

  • Responsible for mission, vision, and values of Staircase Improv
  • Reports to board and cross-reports to inclusivity team
  • Responsible for all leads
  • Assists all leads
  • Decides deadlocks
  • Organizes and chairs regular executive meetings
  • Estimated 4 hours per week
  • Experience in admin and leadership recommended

Artistic Director – Sean Howard

  • Responsible for delegation, completion, and quality of artistic tasks
  • Reports to Executive Director and Inclusivity Team
  • Responsible for the overall creative direction of Staircase Improv
  • Responsible for ensuring the curriculum meets the needs of the broader improv community
  • Collecting reports from all other leads, liaisons, and teams
  • Responsible for supporting and developing performances of Staircase Improv
  • Training of Producers and performance quality
  • Works with the Executive Director on extramural shows.
  • Estimated 4-6 hours per week, not including shows/rehearsal
  • Experience in teaching, performing, and theatre-based training recommended.

Educational Lead – Adriana Alfano
Long Form Educational Co-Lead – Scott Thompson

  • Responsible for delegation, completion and quality of educational tasks
  • Reports to Executive Director and Inclusivity Team
  • Curriculum for short long and show form improv
  • Works with Artistic lead to coordinate training and productions
  • Training of class leaders
  • Solicitation and support of extramural teachers
  • Maintenance of drop-in, series and intensive workshop quality
  • Works with executive director on extramural classes
  • Estimated 4-6 hours per week, not including classes
  • Experience in teaching, admin and leadership recommended.

Advertising & Media Designer – Vacant, duties overseen by E.D. at present

  • Responsible for the design, creation, delegation, and overall quality of Staircase Improv advertising, web, and marketing collateral for core programming
  • Reports to Executive Director and Inclusivity Team
  • Partners with Social Media Coordinator as Advertising Co-Leads
  • Prepares collateral in various formats, most typically digital artwork for Social Media and posters.
  • Ensures consistent use and dissemination of Staircase Improv brand and visual identities
  • Estimated 6 hours per week
  • Strong attention to detail, a flair for collaborative design, and patience with humans recommended
  • Experience with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress preferred

Social Media Coordinator – Vacant, duties overseen by E.D. at present

  • Responsible for the Social Media presence and promotions for Staircase Improv
  • Reports to Executive Director and Inclusivity Team
  • Partners with Advertising and Media Designer as Advertising Co-Leads
  • Timely placement of online advertising for all core workshops and shows
  • Maintenance of social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and (WordPress)
  • Maintenance of information on local media boards (Spec, CH, Cable 14, The View Mag)
  • Coordination of poster, flyer, and calendar placement/distribution
  • Tracking and assessment of advertising elements
  • Arranging crazy stunts to attract international television coverage
  • Estimated 6 hours per week.
  • Strong attention to detail and patience with humans is recommended
  • Experience with HootSuite, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress preferred

Inclusivity Team – Emily-Gayle Aitken, Kristi Boulton, Lauren Charman, Mbula Enobong, Hadil Kasab-Bachi, Katy Kotulak, Alison Rayner

  • Ensures that staircase improv is ahead of the curve on issues of:
    • Gender
    • Ability
    • Ethnicity
    • Mental health
    • Language
  • Safe team of report for players and students
  • Outreach and volunteer organization
  • Flexible number of participants
  • Reports to Board and cross-reports to Executive Director
  • Estimated 1-2 hours per week.
  • Experience with high-level interpersonal communications required

Staircase Liaison – Vacant, duties overseen by E.D. at present

  • Works directly with Colette Kendall
    • Integrates ticketing
    • Integrates online calendar
  • Liaison between the Staircase and the Improv Exec
  • Handles improv-related telephone messages to (905) 529-3000
  • Handles improv-related email messages that hit
  • Estimated 4-6 hours per week

“What does this all look like in an Org Chart?” — No One Ever


All positions are unpaid. A term is one year (11 months for the first term). Maximum of 3 consecutive years in same position. Positions renewed annually on April 1st of each year. Leads must be capable of delegating the actual workload which exceeds the estimated weekly workload per lead.