Hugh MacLeod

Hugh cut his improv comedy teeth in the very late 1980s at the Vancouver Theatresports Rookie League. Since then he has been in hundreds of shows and taught hundreds of workshops. Around 1994 he used this thing called the intertubes to build the world’s first online list of exercises and handles. That website is now called During his more than 25 years of performance and teaching experience  Hugh has made many mistakes. Thankfully these mistakes lead to improvements in his teaching skills. Hugh’s supportive teaching style focuses on goals, not rules,  and is instilled with the belief that good improv is within us all. Sadly his performance skills have not improved much over the same time, but he claims to have created medium form and story skeleton improv styles. While honing his teaching skills Hugh has built two improv comedy theatre spaces The Staircase Cafe Theatre and the Elaine Mae Theatre.