Wayne Scutt

After numerous workshops and classes on communication and public speaking a new possibility presented it’s self through Improv. Wayne walked into the Staircase Theatre almost 20 years ago and continues to grow his communication and life skills their as he lives his life with a flavour of comedy everyday.

Wayne is single (not according to his wife) and has no children (except for the four that show up for Christmas, birthdays and the occasional free dinner). Over the last 20 years Wayne has challenged himself as show host, show co-creator, producer, teacher and cast member of several different shows; he is well into hundreds of on stage performances.

If you were to ask Wayne for a definition of Improv he might say something like, “Improv is a natural bio-conscience, rule based, free range action-reactionary method of communicating non-nondescript events, and ideas with singular to poly emotional facets of soul based entanglements through personal visitation and restoration of ones body and mind through unconditional sharing.” …. so please don’t ask him.

In a recent unpublished interview with himself Wayne explained; “Improv allows you to turn off all of the things in your life that drains your life batteries and restore your soul through community and laughter. A three minute scene, created on the spot, can develop such a deep and rich character that it can be remembered, make you smile, for the rest of your life. My mentor Milton Berle captured it for me when he said, “I live to laugh and laugh to live.”