Anonymous Incident Report

In keeping with Staircase Improv’s values of Safety, Community, and Inclusivity, every effort is made to ensure these reports are fully anonymous. Filed reports are kept confidential and only seen by Executive Director Andrew Whitney and the Inclusivity Squad Liaison.

Reports will be handled on a case-by-case basis, beginning with a conversation between the complainant and a two person panel made up of the Executive Director and an Inclusivity Squad member. It is our hope to make this process as comfortable and unbiased as possible as we navigate the delicate nature of our of our community environment and the uniqueness of each situation. The conversation will help inform any future action and will take into account the complainant’s wishes as well as the best practices for our organization.

We will maintain the anonymity of those making reports and share pertinent information with our executive, teachers, and community as each situation dictates. Please note, should you choose not to identify yourself during the reporting of the incident we will not be able to contact you, and may not be able to carry out any resulting action to the fullest extent. It is also important to note that, while all reports made will be taken seriously and paid due diligence to the best of our ability, it is impossible for us to share our response and/or any resulting actions taken when reports are made without sharing any contact information.

We would also like to share this resource list created by Generator of 24-hour crisis lines, shelters, organizations, movements, etc. that relate to harassment in the workplace, sexual harassment, violence against women and more. While the page is a Toronto creation, there are many Hamilton- and Ontario-based resources.

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