We do not have a secret sauce. There is no Staircase Improv idealogy that beats all others. We are an open source. We share. The world’s oldest and busiest improv comedy repository comes from Staircase Improv’s belief in sharing and working together. We have been giving it away since 1994. There also is a short improv glossary of the synonyms that we use at Staircase Improv to communicate more easily. We try to avoid jargon. One training program may say ‘block’ or ‘accept’ or ‘wimp’ or ‘commit’ check the glossary for our language of choice. Finally if you are a detail oriented person you can download our Introduction To Improv PDF that outlines what to expect, and what is expected, at workshops and show.

Learn Improv is our site too. The exercises, handles, workshop generators were all developed using Staircase Improv as a guinea pig (cavia porcelia thespias).

If you are new to improv at The Staircase we have a Welcome Package (81k pdf) that you can read to familiarize yourself with rules, regulations and expectations of workshoppers, teachers and performers.