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Shows are produced by improvistas that want to test their hand at the relatively harrowing experience of producing. While our shows are entertaining and professionalish they are more part of the training programme than anything else. We are always developing new shows and formats to test out. It comes with the creative mass mind that Staircase Improv represents. We have not only hammered old forms like TheatreSports ™ and Harolds Staircase Improv has ventured into new areas of improvisational comedy theatre. Medium form is our answer to needs of an audience starved for character development and story while still desiring the fast pace of a classic improv experience. Another form of (we often call them deforms) is the story skeleton which is a framework of entrances and exits that has created shows such as FrankenProv, Damsel In DisDress, Le Glob, and ImprovRa! Coming from the classic TheatreSports direction shows like CounterPoint, TwinProv, and Santa Survivor satiate the competitive needs of audiences and improvisers.